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Library is the heart of any educational institution. It caters to the information needs of its clientele i.e. students, research scholars, faculty and staff members. It houses variety of information sources like printed books, e-books, periodicals, e-journals, newspapers, question banks, institutional publications etc.


The library is located in the main building of the college. It is situated next to Principal Room, Office Room and Bursar Room. The library is placed in such a manner that it is centrally located to enable the students and faculty of all the departments and staff members to have an easy access.

Organization of the Library

The library is organized into the following sections:

  • ►  Property Counter – to keep the personal belongings of the users
  • ►  Reading Hall – 100 users can use the library at a time
  • ►  Newspapers and Magazine Section
  • ►  Stack Room – the books meant for lending are arranged subject-wise
  • ►  Question Bank Section
  • ►  Circulation Counter
  • ►  Store Room
  • ►  Digital Library Section

Library Area

  • ►  Length = 24.09 m
  • ►  Breadth = 8.45 m
  • ►  Sqr Mt = 203.5605
  • ►  Sqr Ft = 2191.13

Digital Library

  • ►  The library has a small digital library with 4 computers.
  • ►  All the four computers do have internet connection.
  • ►  The students and faculties are free to browse the net for their academic and research work and preparing themselves for       competitive exams.


The library renders following services to the users :

  • ►  Document Delivery Service
  • ►  Reference Service
  • ►  Referral Service
  • ►  Display of New Arrivals
  • ►  Library orientation Programme
  • ►  User Awareness Programme
  • ►  Notice Board Service
  • ►  Question Bank Service
  • ►  Free Internet Service
  • ►  Research Assistance – collection of Reviews, statistical analysis of data, sample size selection etc.

Working Hours

  • ►  The library serves its users on all the working days of the college.
  • ►  The library works from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.
  • ►  There is no fixed time for book issue and returns. The students may get the books issued or return the books during their free hours , lunch time or after the college hours.

Contact Detail

Dr.S.Gandhimathi, M.Li.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D
College Librarian
G.Venkataswamy Naidu College(Autonomous), Kovilpatti - 628 502
E_mail : librarian
Mobile : + 91-99522 84777

Vision, Mission & Moto


To cultivate an environment where the students, scholars, faculty and staff discover, create, communicate and preserve information and knowledge.


To provide seamless access to the widest spectrum of information resources, services and infrastructure relevant to the curricular, informational and research needs of the college academia.


Read to Lead ; Lead to Read


Read, learn, discover


Libraries: A place for reflection, introspection and enlightenment

Library Committee

SL.NO. Name  and Designation Department Member
Dr. S.Gandhimathi
College Librarian
Librarian Convener
Assistant Professors
Electronics Member
Assistant Professors
Statistics Member
Dr. S.Suganthi
Associate Professor
Ms. S.Saranya
Associate Professor
English Member
Ms. B.Monisha
Associate Professor


Regular Faculty

Dr. S.Gandhimathi
College Librarian
Dr.S.Gandhimathi, M.Li.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D
Dr. S.Gandhimathi

Rules and Regulations

The users of the library have to adhere to the following rules and regulations.

  • 1.) All the students, faculties and staff members are the members of the Central Library.
  • 2.) The library works from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm on all the working days.
  • 3.) Students and faculty members have to scan their ID Card in the automatic gate register kept in the entrance of the library.
  • 4.) The personal belongings (notebooks, textbooks, water bottles, bags etc.) should be kept in the property counter.
  • 5.) Silence is to be maintained in the reading hall.
  • 6.) Open access system is in vogue. The users are free to browse any collections and choose the books of their choice either for reading in the library or for home lending.
  • 7.) UG students can borrow two books at a time from the library. PG Students = 3 Books, Ph.D scholars = 5 books.
  • 8.) The books are issued for a period of two weeks, which can be renewed for another 2 weeks.
  • 9.) The librarian has the discretion to ask the readers return the books, which are in demand.
  • 10.) The magazines, newspapers and books in the library should be used with care. No underlining or marking is permitted.
  • 11.) If the books are found to be returned by the users in damaged condition, fine will be collected from them.
  • 12.) If books are lost by the users, the users have to pay three times of cost of the books as fine if they are not able to replace the lost book.
  • 13.) Those who want to use the computers /net connection available in the library, need to enter the required particulars in the separate register kept for the purpose.
  • 14.) The faculties / staff can borrow upto 10 books at a time.
  • 15.) The users have to return the borrowed books at the end of every even semester examination.
  • 16.) Books will be used only on the production of college identity card.
  • 17.) Periodicals can be borrowed, but not the latest volumes.
  • 18.) Question bank collection, dissertations, reference books, newspapers etc. are meant for only reference in the library premises, and not meant for home lending.
  • 19.) The net connection available in the Digital Library and MVMLIBNET should be utilized only for academic and research work, not definitely for personal use.
  • 20.) The students and faculty members should get ‘No Dues’ from the library, when leaving the college.


Printed Resources

Newspapers (3)

  • ►Dinamalar
  • ►Dinathanthi
  • ►The Hindu

Periodicals / Magazines (10)

  1. ►Anantha Vikatan
  2. ►Aval Vikatan
  3. ►Kumudam Snekithi
  4. ►Kumudam
  5. ►Kungumam
  6. ►Kungumam Thozhi
  7. ►Employment News
  8. ►Employment Service
  9. ►Banking Services Chronicle
  10. ►Pothu Arivu Ulagam

Printed Books

No. of Books in the Central Library : 26254 (as on 31/5/2023)
No. of Books in the Departmental Libraries : 21823 (as on 31/5/2023)
  • ►Department of Tamil (3471)
  • ►Department of English (3012)
  • ►Department of History (1322)
  • ►Department of Economics (1398)
  • ►Department of Commerce (1057)
  • ►Department of Mathematics (2529)
  • ►Department of Statistics (8)
  • ►Department of Physics (819)
  • ►Department of Chemistry (751)
  • ►Department of Zoology (3184)
  • ►Department of Botany (1342)
  • ►Department of Geography (1051)
  • ►Department of Computer Science (1567)
  • ►Department of Business Administration (312)



  • ►The library has subscribed to N-LIST service of Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
  • ►This service is being made available to the users since 2018-2019.
  • ►The users can access 6000+ full text journals in almost all subjects of their study.
  • ►The users can access 199500+ e-books. They can also access 600000+ e-books via NDL.
  • ►Remote access facility is enabled. The users, after getting the username and password, can access this N-LIST service from anywhere.

Selective List of E-Resources available under N-LIST Service E-Journals Full Text

  • ►American Institute of Physics(18 titles)
  • ►Annual Reviews (33 titles)
  • ►Economic and Political Weekly (EPW)(1 titles)
  • ►Indian Journals(180+ titles)
  • ►Institute of Physics(46 titles)
  • ►JSTOR(2500+ titles)
  • ►Oxford University Press(262 titles)
  • ►Royal Society of Chemistry(29 titles)
  • ►W. Wilson(3000+ titles)
  • ►Cambridge University Press(224 titles) [2010-2016]


  • ►Cambridge Books Online(1800 titles)
  • ►E-brary(1,85,000+ titles)
  • ►EBSCoHost-Net Library (936 titles)
  • ►Hindustan Book Agency(65+ titles)
  • ►Institute of South East Asian Studies(ISEAS) Books(382+ titles)
  • ►Oxford Scholarship (1402+ titles)
  • ►Springer eBooks(2300 titles)
  • ►Sage Publication eBooks(1000 titles)
  • ►Taylor Francis eBooks(1800 titles)
  • ►Myilibrary-McGraw Hill (1124 titles)
  • ►World -ebooks Library(30,00,000 titles)
  • ►South Asia Archive (though NDL)

Special Collections The library houses the following special collections:

  • ►Competitive Exam Corner
  • ►Question Bank Section
  • ►Project / Dissertation Section
  • ►TN Govt.Gift Section – Around 500 books on competitive exams and literature donated by the Govt. of Tamilnadu
  • ►Book Bank Collection
  • ►Rare Books (Books published before 1966)
  • ►College Magazines
  • ►College Calender/Handbook
  • ►MVM Journal of Research (In-house journal of the college)

Open Access Resources

Search Engines and Aggregagors



Institutional Repositories

Open Access theses, dissertations and Books


Open Educational Resources

Current Affairs

Library Blog