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Personal and Career Counselling

In the changing scenario, counseling cell plays a vital role in an educational institution. Education stands for an overall development of a student and thus counseling cell, a facilitator.
The Career Counseling and placement Cell of GVN College provides personal and Professional guidance to students of all the departments of the College. Personal Counseling Sessions are conducted by qualified and experienced Counselors to help students resolve any kind of problems that they might face. Besides career-related problems, personal issues are also dealt with. Confidentiality is a legal requirement of counseling, and is strictly maintained. Thus the Counseling Cell provides a platform for students to pursue both their professional and personal goals with greater self-awareness, self-esteem, understanding and a focus.
Confidence issues, choosing the right career path, making choices in the various parts of life, self-doubt, peer pressure, relationship issues are only some of the problems that young people often face.Choosing the right career path is also, often, a dilemma that the students face. The Cell provides vocational guidance to students based on an analysis of their personality, talents and interest. Insights into suitable work environments are also provided in vocational guidance.

Aims And Objectives

1. To help students share knowledge about themselves by identifying skills, and interests.
2. To provide information about further course prerequisites, financial aid, entrance examinations etc.
3. To promote career guidance & counseling through lectures by experts from different fields and visiting professors.
4. To organize seminars on interview skills, personality development, communication skills, leadership skills, resume writing, analytical skills, quantitative ability, verbal and reasoning skills essential to all competitive exams.


1. Individual Counseling.
2. Help coping with challenging life circumstances.
3. Assessing through Psychological modes.
4. Identifying underlying reasons for behavioral, academic and emotional problems employing psychological testing.
5. Helping people to develop new ways of relating with one another.
6. Disseminating information on courses, careers, professions and specialized studies in India and abroad.
7. Conducting Workshops, Guest Lectures and Seminars on Soft Skills and other needed areas.


For running the cell, the teachers committee has been formed from the various departments. The main purpose of this cell is to provide the professional knowledge to the students. In terms of this all teachers from the department had informed to provide guidance to their departmental students. For achieving this purpose a standardized format for the guidance has been constructed with discussing the all staff members. Dealing with behavioral and emotional problems impacting the normal functioning of an individual.


Sowing for the future

To be a part of an Institution reigning supreme in the educational realm of the city, the students feel esteemed to have made up their way to its starring glory. The college offers a meticulously crafted syllabus and exposure in right measures to make every CASian realise his/her dreams to excellence. Life at GVNC invokes the spirit of confidence and independence in students, by educating them on the realities of life, fostering knowledge acquisition in and out of the classroom walls.

Realizing Dreams

The place where one can scale up their competency in the lines of critical thinking, build their cognitive abilities and hone their creative calibre at large. Students are also bestowed with the merits of constant skill enhancement by way of engaging them in curricular, extra and co-curricular activities, interpersonal skill development and in advancing their analytical abilities during the course of study.

True Transformation

Mentoring young minds and self mastery is facilitated in abundance by teachers who imbibe personal care and guidance for all CASians. The place where unexpected, constant and self-introspective quality dawns from every individual. The institution unearths the talent in every student and helps them discover a more distinguished version of their selves.

Life Skills

At GVN College the academic outcomes of our students are very important, however the non-academic skills are equally important and we have a specific subject taught in every year group called Life Skills.

Life skills are the skill set that enable people to live happy and meaningful lives and reach their potential. People who have sufficient life skills flourish. In this context, a meaningful life is achieved through mental wellbeing, self-awareness, skills for appreciating humanity in others as well as working towards wellbeing in one’s community.

Learning life skills helps young people understand who they are and what they want out of life.Moreover, young people grow more aware of their own struggles and those of the people around them.By becoming aware of this, young people are better equipped to handle what they’re going through and recognize when they need help.

The World Health Organisation describes Life skills as: abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. Described in this way, skills that can be said to be life skills are innumerable, and the nature and definition of life skills are likely to differ across cultures and settings.

Life Skills are taught under 3 general headings:

Each section in the college has a specifically tailored programme that is age appropriate and focused at the developing individual.

In GVN College Life Skills is taught as part of the college curriculum on a weekly basis. We break the subject down into the topics below so that we can teach the whole programme of study making sure that the students get the best possible range of topics which are relevant to them and their life.

Policy for Differently abled


G.Venkataswamy Naidu College of Arts & Science stands for social justice and equal opportunity for all irrespective of caste, creed and religion. In its endeavor, the Institution has come up with the policy decision to make available the higher education for differently-abled students.

Policy Statement

G.Venkataswamy Naidu College of Arts & Science endeavors to remove all barriers that prevent differently abled faculty, staff and students from realizing their potential.

Objectives of the policy

1. To ensure that students with disabilities get equal opportunities to explore their educational potentials.
2. To provide a nurturing and motivating ambience for students with learning disabilities to accommodate their pedagogic needs.
3. To eradicate any kind of stigmatization and segregation so that they can become confident individuals.

Admission Policy

Equal educational opportunities are provided to the disabled students on par with the normal students. The Institution adheres to the instructions/orders/norms laid by the University from time to time. Appropriate number of seats as recommended by Equal opportunities protection of Rights & full participation Act, 1995 for disabled students are allocated. Further to encourage the disabled students, their candidature is considered even in the open quota, over and above the reservation quota.

Use of scribes for the examination

• A Scribe can be appointed to the candidate who is blind or disabled from writing the examination with his/her own hand.
• A candidate seeking the assistance of a scribe shall submit an application to the Controller of Examinations through the head of the department concerned, duly recommended, with the necessary documents.
• The scribe appointed must be of lower grade education than the candidate and should not be studying in the same field.
• The Controller of Examinations shall arrange a suitable room for the candidate & the scribe and appoint an invigilator for the candidate who shall be changed daily.
• If the disabled candidate (temporarily disabled) requests to write the examination on his own with an extra time (60 minutes for 3 hours examination i.e. 20 minutes per hour), he/she shall submit an application to the Principal through the Controller of Examinations, seeking grant of extra time to write the examination, with medical certificates concerned.
• The permission granted in the case of permanently disabled students shall be valid for the entire period of their study in the programme, whereas, in the case of temporary disability the facility extended shall be for the specific period only.

About Training and Placement Cell


The Placement Cell serves as the platform for interaction between the college students and companies. Placement Cell assists desired final year students to get suitable job after completion of their program. However, the training and grooming commences from the very first year. Spotting talent, classification, working on the strengths and weaknesses of students has been the hallmark of our endeavors.

Placement Cell conducts Training programs to enhance soft skills and overall personality of students in association with industry and academic experts. Invitation Letters/e-mails are sent to various companies, organizations for conducting campus drives. The internships are also provided to the interested students to groom them to become job ready. The Students are given occupational trainings such as communication skills, time management and stress management skills to be able to adapt to different work cultures and environments. The teachers also prepare the company profile to assist students to understand the work culture and job pre requisites.

The Placement Cell makes every effort each day to bridge the gap between the dreams and capabilities of our students. The different companies have also acknowledged and admired our efforts for providing them with best of the talents.