Self-Financing Library

    Library for the Self Finance Courses was established in 1994. It has 7767 volumes of text and reference books on various disciplines. The library subscribes 45 magazines, 7 journals and 9 leading Newspapers. The library is following the open access system and provides its service to meet the requirement of U.G&P.G Students and M.Phil. Scholars and staff members of the college. College Library has various sections such as Reference Section, Text book Section, Books for competitive Examinations, Thesis Dissertations Section, Back Volumes Section, Reprographic Section, Question Banks etc. Our Library has renewed the membership of INFLIBNET-List (National Library and Information Services Infrastructure for scholarly Content) through which the research activity of our college has been enhanced. At this juncture I wish to mention the current stock of our college Library.












R. Sambathkumar

B.Sc, M.Li.Sc,



Number of Books added during the year    : 2014-15 CENTRAL LIBRARY System – Open Access System

  • Card data base – author / title wise
  • Creation of computer data base
  • Working hours 9.00 a.m to 5.00 p.m.

Book Stock – Number of books 8000+

  • Addition of around 800 books each year
  • Charts and maps collection
  • To provide a sound basis for decision making to improve institutional functioning.
  • Subscription to 45 magazines & 8 journals

Facilities – Book bank

  • Text book corner
  • Dailies/journals browsing area
  • Career Oriented books corner
  • Room books locating card – chest corner
  • New arrivals displaying corner
  • Reading area

Sections – General books

  • Reference books
  • Rare books
  • Back volumes of journals, magazines
  • Text book room
  • Computer data base

Unique Features

  • Reading-motivation activities like quiz competitions
  • Suggestion about book titles welcomed from all
  • Access to Alumni, other institution and researchers
  • Job opportunities displaying board
  • Computer
  • Printer
  • Reprographic facility

        The College maintains a well-stocked library. The library is open to bonafide students of all the classes. All important textbooks are kept in the Reference Section to enable the students to write their tutorials. There is a well-equipped Reading Room