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Rules & Regulations

    All the students must read  the “Rules and Regulations” carefully so as to make themselves fully familiar with the rules & regulations and sincerely follow the procedures set in the college campus. Ignorance of rules can not be excused and violation will be dealt as per norms & procedures.

Dress Code
        Students should attend college formally dressed adhering to the dress regulations stipulated by college. Boys should come to college wearing only trousers (full pant) and collar shirt plain/checked or stripped. Shirts must be fully buttoned except the collar button. They should not come to college wearing T-shirt, shirt with logo, shaded jeans pant, kurtha, hat or cap. They should not come to college with coloured hair or sporting beard. Girls should come to college wearing sari or chudithar with thupatta (pinned V-shape). They should not wear half sari, modern dresses like skirt, jeans, short tops, tight fitting or transparent dress while coming to college.

Identity Card
        Every newly admitted student will be provided with an identity card duly attested by the Director. The students should wear  the identity cards till their presence in the campus. Students will be permitted to attend the classes only if they wear the identity card. Duplicate identity card shall be obtained, if necessary, from office after paying Rs.50/-.

Attendance and Leave Particulars
        All the students should attend the classes on all the working days as mentioned in the college planner. As per the norms of the university, a student is eligible to appear for the semester examination only if he/she has secured 75% of attendance in theory and practical classes. At the time of lack of attendance the student has to pay Rs 400/- as condonation fee provided the university approves his/her application to attend the examination. Students while taking leave should collect their leave application form from the class-in- charge and then get it duly signed by the parent, class in-charge and the Director.
        In case of sickness for more than 3 days the leave application produced with medical certificate. In case of Special classes, attendance of the student will be strictly followed and if he / she is failing to attend the classes, a fine of Rs 50/- will be charged.

Ragging and its consequences
        According to ACT No.7 of 1997of the Tamil Nadu prohibition of Ragging Act, ragging in educational institution in the state of Tamilnadu, is prohibited.

A) Prohibition of Ragging
        Students should not indulge in ragging /eve teasing of fellow students. Ragging within and outside the educational institution is prohibited.

B) Penalty for Ragging
        Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates “ragging” within the educational institute, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two year and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

C) Dismissal of a student
        Any student convicted of an offence U / sec. 4 shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such students shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.

D) Suspension of a student

  • Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, wherever any student complains of ragging to the Head of an educational institution, or to any other person responsible for management of the educational institution, such head of the educational institution, or person responsible for the management of the educational institute shall enquire into the same immediately, and if found true, shall suspend the student, who has committed the offense, from the educational institution.
  • The decision of Head of the educational institution or the person responsible for the management of the educational institution shall be final for any student who has indulged in ragging under Sub-Section (1).