Principal Desk

Dr.S.Krishnasamy, M.Com.,M.Phil.,Ph.d.,

My Dear Students,
It gives us a great pleasure in putting forth the brief replica of aims, objectives, Eco friendly green campus, State-of- the-art infrastructure, Library, Labs, and faculty of our G.Venkataswamy Naidu College.
At present education is undergoing a sea change and it is quite understandable that it becomes difficult to make decisions about which course and which college to choose. In any case, the ultimate aim of education is to make a person knowledgeable and well informed and offer him/her some life skills so that one can earn one’s livelihood.

In today's world, it would certainly be myopic to look at any educational program purely from the job placement point of view. In the present scenario of economic turbulence, an educational program /college that would ensure a long term benefit such as sustainability rather than a short term promise of job placement should be chosen.

I am very proud to acknowledge our quality of teaching and non-teaching staff. To aim at overall personality development of students, our teachers are actively engaged in student’s oriented activities through various activities, conferences & workshops. We also cherish our alumni resources at their respective work.