Nature & Health CLUB

Nature & Health CLUB

About Nature & Health CLUB!

Nature Club is a facts of knowledge about nature and natural resources to develop students as nature lovers and conservational attitude towards nature, be the students’ representatives to the citizens, with an urge to be environmentally sound and to propagate the spirit of nature conservancy among the public and organize exhibitions, show, competitions and seminar to inculcated consciousness.


Nature & Health Club

Pasumaiyin Swasam:
    Nature club proceeded a Nature Awareness activities in every week of month by displaying the tips of how to save the environment from the hazardous created by various pollution like Plastic etc., on notice board of all the department from August onwards.

Seminar on “Nature”
    Seminar on “Nature” was held on 23/09/2016 conducted by Mr.S.Palanikumar, Coordinator of NSS Unit – 180, G.Venkataswamy Naidu College (SFC), Kovilpatti. He addressed about the Echo – friendly materials & its benefits. He created awareness among students on the Hazardous of Plastic goods and non-echo friendly goods. He also discussed the Bio – diversity of Nature.
    Nature Club & Health Club was inaugurated on 22/07/2016 by Mrs.R.Mahalakshmi, Associate Professor & Head, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Sri.S.Ramasamy Naidu Memorial College, Sattur. She gave a special lecture on “Functional Foods & Their Role in Prevention of Diseases”. She made to reveal about the role of healthy food in human life.

Plantation of Sapling
    Sapling Plantation was held on 18/10/2016 in our college Campus. Sapling was planted by our Director Prof.G.Venkadasalapathi, Staff Members & Students.

Health Club Activities

Arokkia Pettagam:
    Health Club proceeded Health Awareness Activities in every week of month by displaying Health Tips and Health Recipe on all the notice board of various departments from August onwards.

Awareness Programme on “Let’s get Healthy”
    Awareness Programme on “Let’s Get Healthy” was held on 29/09/2016. The Committee Staff Members created awareness among the Students which are related to the Health. The Students also shared their thoughts about health.
    At the end of the Programme, the Varieties of flameless healthy food items provided to the Committee Students & the entire Staff members. The Student member S.Mohammed Ismail of III BSc n&hs had prepared the healthy food items.

Seminar on “Traditional Foods”
    Seminar on “Traditional Foods” was held on 27/01/2017 conducted by Ms.P.Subbuthai, Research Scholar, Department of n&hs & Instrumentation, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore. She addressed about the vital role of Traditional Foods in human life. She created awareness among students on the Junk Foods & its side effects.

Awareness Programme on “Cancer”
    Awareness Programme on “Cancer” was held on 06/04/2017. The Nellai Cancer Center Dr.Manimegalai created awareness among the Students and ladies staff members about cancer.

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