Entrepreneur Development Cell

Entrepreneur Development Cell

    Introduction: Nowadays, the students have to face so many problems in this competitive world. After getting graduation, they have to survive in powerful manner in working or business field. Due to these reasons, there are so many institutes and organizations which are involved in entrepreneurship development activities and there are people who join these programmers as a stepping stone to become entrepreneur. So Entrepreneur Development cell has started in our college for the students’ welfare and motivate to start business as well as to become powerful entrepreneur. The more precise meaning of entrepreneur is one who perceives a need and then brings together manpower, material and capital required to meet that need and one who understands the market dynamics and searches for change respond to it and exploit it as an opportunity. Through this cell, the students are motivated by arranging interaction with entrepreneurs and create a mentorship scheme for student entrepreneurs. Objectives: The main objective of this cell is to train and motivate the Arts and Science students (to become Job Creators rather than Job Seekers.)

  • To inculcate the entrepreneurial culture into their minds.
  • To conduct
    • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camps (EAC)
    • Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP)
    • Skill development programmes (SDP)
  • To act as a Regional Information Centre on business opportunities, processes, technologies, market, etc. by creating and maintaining relevant data bases.
  • To guide ample health and energy and Emotional stability.
  • Action oriented, Dedicated to work, Creative and Confident.


ICTACT   &    Entrepreneurship Development Cell Activities (2016-2017)ICTACT Courses
  • Telecom & BFSI courses has conducted by ICTACT from 30.05.2016 to 29/06/2016 at G.Venkataswamy Naidu College (SFC), Kovilpatti. The Courses are handled by Gomathi Sankar, V.Radhakrishnan, and R.Vishnupriya.Totally 135 students are benefited to attend this course.
  • Department of Computer Science has conducted ICTACT Youth Registration program on 19/07/2016. Totally 61 students are Registered.
  • Department of Computer Science has conducted TCS Open Ignite program on 21/08/2016. Totally 46 students are Registered. MS A.RathiPriya of I M.Sc. student selected for a TCS job at Chennai.

EDC Inauguration
The Inauguration of EDC was held on 01.07.2016.Our chief guest P.MathanarajDharani Steels, Sivakasi. He shared his ideas of how to develop skills to become an Entrepreneur. All students of EDC were benefited.

Shops Opening

  • “Benchmark Shop” was started by III-B.Sc (CS) students in our EDC on 01/07/2016.
  • “Keerai Thottam” was started by III-B.Sc.(CS) students in our EDC on 01/07/2016.
  • “Benchmark Eatable Shop” was started by VelayidhamIII-B.Sc (Elect) in our EDC on 28/09/2016.

Coaching Classes

  • “Hindi Coaching Class” was organized by Karthiga II-M.Sc(CS) from 16/08/2106 to 30/10/2016 at GVN College,Kovilpatti.
  • “Tailoring Class” was organized by Chitra III-B.Sc (CD&F) from 16/08/2106 to 30/10/2016 at GVN College,Kovilpatti.

Dress Melas

  • “Dress Mela” was conducted by “Magalir Suya Udhavikkulu” from 28/09/2016 to 30/09/2016 in our EDC at GVN College, Kovilpatti.
  • Department of English has started “Diwali Dress Mela” on 24/10/2016 in our EDC. All Staffs and students were benefited.

        Our EDC has conducted a meeting on “To Motivate the Entrepreneur” on 20/10/2016 at GVN College, Kovilpatti. All Staffs and students were attend the Meeting.

Driving Class
        Our EDC has arranged to get a Driving License through Sudharsanam Driving School on March2017 at GVN College, Kovilpatti. Totally 50 staffs & students of EDC were benefited.

University Examination Fee
        Department of Computer Science has arranged to pay University Examination Fee for all Department students in our EDC at GVN College, Kovilpatti.

EDC HUB Inauguration
        The Inauguration of EDC HUB was held on 15.02.2017.Our chief guest Victor,Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai. He shared his ideas and activities of the EDC HUB. All students of EDC were benefited.

Learn Wise Program
        Our EDC has conducted an online test on “Learnwise Program Installation” from March to April 2017 at GVN College, Kovilpatti. All students of EDC were attend the Online Test.

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